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Inspiring the Next Generation
through Entertainment!

   Luke brings a high-energy, fun-filled show with an inspirational message to reach audiences of all shapes and sizes. His juggling, balancing and audience participation will keep everyone engaged and laughing! 
   Since his first performance at eight years old, Luke has been mesmerizing audiences of all ages with his talents and skills. In 2011, Luke shared his faith in Jesus Christ on stage for the first time at a prison. This experience changed his view of juggling from just a skill to an invaluable means to reach others. After losing his daughter in an accident in China, Luke started creating presentations combining his juggling skills with bible stories and personal testimonies. Luke's goal is to inspire others and bring them closer to Jesus.  In whatever setting you hope to have Luke come, be prepared to laugh, cry, cheer, and be encouraged like you never have before. 

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What Are They Saying About Luke?

“ Luke Winger kept our students laughing and applauding with his juggling antics and then inserted truth from God’s Word along that kept every age student attentive and receptive. He shared personal stories that students could relate to and learn from. Luke concludes his presentation with a gripping, true, story that well illustrates how God can bring good out of life’s toughest hardships. (Romans 8:28) Our students went from hooting and cheering to absolute silence in thoughtful contemplation. 

  Randy Krussow, Principal

Hope Christian Academy, Saint Paul, MN

 We had Luke Winger for a program at our Public Library. He was very energetic and entertaining. The kids all enjoyed the show very much! I would recommend him to others 

  Sandy Schroeder, Librarian, Mountain Lake, MN 

Luke Winger's presentation at our LOVE IN MANKATO event, was absolutely AMAZING.  Not only were we blown away by his juggling skills, we were captivated by his passion, his sense of humor and the overall sincerity that oozed from his personality.  The kids and the adults were engaged every step of the way, and no one wanted the show to end.  When Luke was finished; the atmosphere was filled with joy, inspiration, encouragement, and excitement...  We will definitely have him back again. 

  David & Priscilla Coffee, Pastors, Mankato, MN

 Our staff and students thought you did a phenomenal job! You kept the students entertained through the entire time, while sending a positive message about our school expectations: respect, responsibility, and pride.  

  Tiffany Sandbo, Public School Social Worker, Butterfield, MN

Luke was great to work with.  He brings energy to the room and through his juggling routines captures the attention of the audience.  His message about how God works His plan through us, even when life presents difficult situations, is both powerful and necessary. 

  Kevin Wilaby, Mayer, MN

Luke did a fantastic job during our "Spiritual Emphasis Week!" He spoke and performed for four days on the story of Joseph, and he made chapel so much fun for our elementary school students throughout the week. Combining clever dialogue, impressive skill, and the truth of God's Word, Luke is an awesome performer. He was easy to work with, proactive in communicating, and was an effective partner in presenting truth to our kids!  

  Tom Keefe, Andover, MN

Luke is undoubtedly a talented performer, but he is an even better representative of the Gospel message! He was engaging for all ages at our family camp, and his testimony of God's faithfulness was a message that hit home with everyone. We appreciated his Christ-centered message, which was delivered in such a fun way for kids and adults alike! 

  Lute Olson, Riverside Bible Camp, Story City, IA

Our kids and leaders loved Luke! He was captivating and funny as he juggled, rode unicycles, and performed breathtaking balancing acts. I was equally impressed by how he kept the attention of our entire audience as he shared powerful stories about God. We will definitely have him back! 

  Chris Pruett, Assemblies of God MN District Children’s Ministries Director

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