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 Christian Churches & Schools 

 Struggling to find fun speakers who keep your children (and adults) engaged while teaching them about Christ? Partner with Luke and pick your topic! Build excitement in your program while taking time to rest in your busy schedule. Our most popular shows are these:

Trust: Coke or Pepsi, ABC or Fox News, who can you trust? Find out why you can trust the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over anyone else.

Joy: Can we really experience joy in any circumstance? Learn how you can find joy in any circumstance through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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 Christian Camps 

Suitable for Ages 4 to 14
Looking for a fun speaker that will retain your campers attention while presenting the Gospel in a clear and memorable way?
Luke’s high energy, juggling and speaking presentations will keep every child engaged every time by diving into numerous topics of faith, such as Joy, Obedience, Honor, Courage, Perseverance, Trust, and Identity. Campers will be challenged to grow in their walk with Christ or Trust him for the first time.
 Public Schools - Fairs - Libraries 

Finding Joy
With the challenges kids are facing today, and depression rates higher than ever before, how can we help kids find Joy in this challenging world?

In just 45 minutes, Luke will give kids 3 tricks they can apply to their life to find Joy in the midst of this challenging world.

Note: These presentations will not include faith based messages and will be acceptable for secular venues. 
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